Augmented-Reality app : Paint Space AR

Paint Space AR is an Augmented Reality app available on the App store for the iPhone 6s onward users. The app has been developed by Austin McCasland who is a San Francisco based UX designer for web, mobile, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Recognised as the ‘ Number 9 most downloaded AR app’ … Continue reading Augmented-Reality app : Paint Space AR

Augmented Reality jobs

NEXTREALITY is getting ready to launch its Augmented Reality jobs section. Our aim from the beginning has been to bridge the gap between skills, talent and work in the AR industry. We're doing this piece by piece and our next stage of this development is our jobs section. Since launching our Slack community, we've had … Continue reading Augmented Reality jobs

AR Sports Basketball

Triangle Factory is best known for creating handcrafted games since 2010 and they have created a new way to play the second most popular game in the world - Basketball! Available on the iTunes app we have AR Sports Basketball that has brought the game to the palm of your hands (as long as you … Continue reading AR Sports Basketball