Magic Leap reveals its Mixed Reality goggles

The most secretive startup of all time, Magic Leap has finally unveiled its product.

Magic Leap has jumped right in between the AR-VR game with its Mixed Reality goggles that seems like the most ergonomically promising product so far.

‘The Magic Leap one’ is a Mixed Reality (MR) Eye Mount Display that is currently targeted to the developers and artists. Though the price is not yet out, the product is completed by

1. Lightwear – the Eye Mounted Mixed Reality Display that is connected to the Lightpack with a wire.


2. Lightpack – A small circular computer that powers the Lightwear.


3. Handheld controller – A controller that looks similar to the Google Day Dream controller.


The device promises a unique interaction and combination of multiple elements to push the limits of possibilities with the following features,

Digital Lightfield generates light at different depths so that the content blends with the environment to seem real.

Visual Perception with spatial computing that enables the device to scan its environment to restructure content to fit the surface in view.

Persistent objects allow users to place virtual objects in the real environment just like a real object.

Sound field audio that replicates sound just as natural as a real environment to the human ear.

High-Powered Chipset powers the small device as good as a laptop computer.

Next-Gen Interface enables the user to go beyond the ‘point-and-click’, a feature that Magic Leap has called “outdated”

The company has also announced the launch of the ‘Creator Portal’ in 2018 that they are currently working on building the resources of so that the developers kick-start their work with little to no trouble.

Though Magic Leap’s vision for the mass market may remain unclear, the launch of Magic Leap One indicated a good potential to replace monitor screens and phones just as the launch of the iPhone replaced the camera, walkman, and digital diary.

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