Triangle Factory is best known for creating handcrafted games since 2010 and they have created a new way to play the second most popular game in the world – Basketball!

Available on the iTunes app we have AR Sports Basketball that has brought the game to the palm of your hands (as long as you have the iOS 11 update). All you need to do is open the app and the world will be your Basketball court.

Keeping the words of the first NBA player with the most number of championships, Bill Russell who said “The most important thing to me is the friends that I’ve made”, the AR app comes with a multiplayer mode called the H.O.R.S.E. The latest app update also comes with a ‘ around-the-world’ mode which has been made challenging for the competitive ones out there.

They created the Augmented version of Basketball because to them it seemed like an obvious combination of a simple and fun choice to play both indoors and outdoors and they aimed to release exactly that with the launch of iOS 11.

The team at Triangle Factory love Unity and created the game using Unity3D. They planned to make something fast and polished with the Apple’s ARKit.

This is a game that is easily comprehensible where the players immediately understand that all they have to do is place the hoop in one spot and they will be able to walk around it just the way they would in a regular court.

Though at that time there were not many tutorials available to use the ARkit, the team applied their experience using Unity and Vuforia, an Augmented Reality content creation platform for the professionals, as a guiding tool to creating this gamified experience.

The biggest challenge was to create the mini version of the hoop with the right application of physics. This was important to maintain a uniformity in the feeling of ‘throwing’ the ball on the desk and the normal version.
Also, Unity became more challenging while creating the scaled-down desk version. It was also comparatively easy to score in the game without trying.

The good news is that Apple’s tracking system works very well and now there are more tutorials available on the internet on using the ARKit and Unity, so for the ones who find themselves stuck while creating, always remember your friend Google for guidance.

With AR Sports Basketball’s constant efforts in creating a more realistic throw and a more challenging basket, Triangle Factory sees itself creating another AR Sports game. On asking what type of game should the AR gamers expect in the future, they said “…a secret AR action game that involves…a toast! It’s completely crazy that one”.

Well, toast with a butter or jam, NextReality will definitely look forward to it.

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