What is Mallard?

MallARd brings your favorite classic arcade game back to life with a multiplayer, augmented reality twist. Supported on both Bluetooth and WiFi, compete with your friends anytime, anywhere, with up to 8 players!

Why did you make this app? What was the inspiration?

When ARKit was first coming out, we were enamored with the ability to create AR content for the iPhone. We thought it would be cool to make a video game. However, we shortly realized there was no direct support for multiplayer.

As kids, we remembered the days of going to a friend’s house and watching them play a video game when they only had one controller. Motivated by this common experience, we decided to build something that everyone could experience if they had an iPhone with ARKit support.

What were your biggest challenges?

Biggest challenges was by far the networking component. Currently, MallArd is built using peer-to-peer networking (so it can be played on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi), so keeping track of state gets kind of tricky when there’s no true state that every iPhone is following.

Who was involved?

The people that built the app were Brexton Pham, Rohun Saxena, Aneesh Pappu, and Josh Singer.

What tools did you use?

We used Xcode, SceneKit, and ARKit.

Did you use any tutorials you can recommend?

In getting up to speed with graphics and ARKit, the Mastering ARKit for iOS tutorial was super helpful: https://www.udemy.com/mastering-arkit-for-ios-using-swift/

What’s coming next? What are your plans?

Right now, we are all at Stanford, and so current plans have been on hold for the game because of school work, but we are excited about iOS 12 as well as more iOS 11 adoption!

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