What is Makespace?

Quickly and easily schedule pickups and deliveries, manage and view your items that are in storage, and more with Makespace!

Why did you make this app? What was the inspiration?

One of the difficult things about our business is getting customers to understand how much space their items are going to take up. It’s always been an important thing for us because that is how we bill customers – by cubic footage.

We’re always looking for new ways to improve that part of our user experience. We constantly look for ways to get customers to better understand how much space things take up before we arrive at their door. It’s an important part of setting proper customer expectations. AR is the perfect vehicle for this. It takes the hard work of visualizing out of the equation and allows customers to quickly measure physical space accurately from their phones.

What was once one of the biggest hurdles for onboarding customers, is now easy. An easier user experience is always the inspiration.

What were your biggest challenges?

Most people don’t have much hands-on experience with AR at this point. It is still early in its lifecycle. Designing an experience that was easy for a customer to use and understand but also accomplished what we needed it to was difficult.

We build things like this daily, so we know exactly how to interact with the scene and the camera to make it function. The average person shouldn’t have to spend hours learning how to use an AR experience, it should be immediately accessible. Making it feel intuitive to the end user was the biggest challenge we faced.

Who was involved?

1 designer, 1 Product Manager, 2 Engineers, and our co-workers rooting us on.

What tools did you use?

The design team used Sketch to design the experience, and Zeplin to hand off final designs to the engineers. The engineering team used Xcode and Swift for all the programming and ARKit to develop the experience. The whole team and our testers measured a bunch of test objects – couches, chairs, co-workers, and even a trash can!

Did you use any tutorials you can recommend?

We recommend the WWDC talk about ARKit. It contains a great summary of the framework. Also, Ray Wenderlich’s ARKit tutorial was invaluable – who doesn’t love tutorials that are hands-on from step one. We also used the AR demo app to get a better understanding of the technology. In addition, we referenced Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines for iOS to ensure that we were designing a consistent AR experience.

What’s coming next? What are your plans?

We’re going to keep iterating on the AR feature experience to help our users measure their stuff and find the most accurate storage plan that works for them. We’re just starting to scratch the surface of what ARKit can help us accomplish. We’re excited to keep iterating.

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